Traffic plans/traffic control

The smart solutions you need for a smooth and safe traffic plans project.

From products and equipment to services and crews, everything you need for your traffic plans project is here. When you work with Statewide Safety Systems, you’re dealing with experienced professionals who can identify the ideal solutions for you. Our extensive resources in every state we serve will fill your needs when you need them. We handle the planning and permitting of the project, as well as the movement, maintenance, and staffing of the traffic control system. Count on Statewide Safety Systems to keep your project safe so you can focus on getting it done right. We proudly offer traffic plans, traffic equipment, and many other traffic control services in California, Hawaii and Washington.

Traffic Plans + Permitting Assistance
We plan the site ahead of time so you can start and finish on time.

Statewide’s traffic control experts are here to help you in every phase of the planning and permitting process. After surveying the location, our experts use top of the line technology to design an effective Traffic Control Plan that conforms to applicable regulations. We can promptly produce traffic planning for your project or special event, whether it’s for a short term lane closure or a long-term multi-phase project.

Our experienced engineering departments work closely with municipalities and states to assist in the permitting process and ensure compliance on your project. We will help you obtain street use and encroachment permits, as well as assist in securing the required insurance documentation.


Traffic Control Services
24/7 Traffic control that keeps everybody safe and on schedule.

Statewide’s professionally-certified crews have extensive experience in flagging, detours, road closures of all sizes, and moving work zone traffic staging. Thanks to our strategically-placed locations and wide selection of resources, you can count on us to supply all of your traffic control needs when you need them. Statewide Safety Systems can also provide advance notification over a wide area with our large inventory of construction signs and electronic message boards.

Our Project Managers will work closely with your company to coordinate the timely staging of traffic and the movement of traffic control devices. Crews will deliver, maintain, and pick them up after the project is through. Count on a high level of support that ensures efficiency and safety. That way, you can dedicate your full attention to your projects.

Temporary + Permanent Installations
Count on us for fast and reliable installations.

Statewide Safety Systems has the crews and resources to provide temporary and permanent installations in any time frame. Our experts will help you choose the items and equipment you need to stay safe and compliant to all regulations. Then our professional installation technicians will install, maintain, and pick up if necessary.

  • Signs + Markers
  • Crash Cushions + Attenuators
  • Channelizers

Need help planning a project?

Your local branch can help.


Special Events
For us, safety is always the main event.

Count on Statewide’s safety experts to help you ensure your special events are memorable for all the right reasons. Whether your event is one day or long term, Statewide Safety Systems has all the resources you need, when you need them. In the planning and permitting process, we will work directly with state agencies and local municipalities to obtain permits. Then, we survey the location and design the appropriate Traffic Control Plan and Crowd Control Plan that conforms to all applicable regulations.

Thanks to our large fleets in the areas we serve, we can handle any size of job from a residential street closure to major road closures and detours. Well-trained staff will provide proper placement, maintenance and removal of all traffic control devices required to protect the event. Our modern fleet ensures an added level of visibility and safety, and can provide advance notification over a wide area. Project managers work closely with your organization to coordinate timely staging of traffic, parking and movement of traffic control devices.


Signage services that meet the highest standards:

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Custom Routing
  • Welding + Fabrication
  • Mounting Hardware Fabrication
  • Graphic Design
  • Certified Sign Fabricator Warranty

Special Services
Your one-stop shop for services that can be harder to source.

At Statewide Safety Systems, we can perform the specialized services you’re looking for, including:

Road Zipper
  • Road Zipper System® Movable Barrier by Lindsay™
    A cost-efficient, flexible, and reusable solution to manage traffic control and congestion.
  • Pole-Safe® & Brake Safe® Omni-Directional Breakaway Systems
    Allows predictable break away of poles and signs to reduce damage and risk of fatalities in auto accidents.
  • Creation of Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Piles
    We have the equipment and expertise to create Cast-In-Drilled-Hole piles for your infrastructure projects.
  • Trench Shoring (Hawaii Only)
    Trench shoring is an essential safety step in underground utility work and construction projects that involve digging. Statewide Safety Systems in Hawaii offers a wide variety of shoring equipment rentals and systems to help prevent collapses and cave-ins. Contact us in Hawaii to rent the right equipment and keep your workers safe. Call (808) 847-4017.

Training + Certification
We ensure safety gets a high grade every time.

At Statewide Safety Systems, we’re proud to offer formal training and certification programs. Given the importance of skills and competency development, training is provided in traffic management and related qualifications directly, or outsourced with various state sanctioned organizations. Formal training qualifications are complemented with industry development programs encompassing company and specific inductions as well as training in new systems and equipment. Training and industry development services can also be provided to customers and their staff upon request.